We made our money back on our investment with OutreachBloom within 30 days of launching. 

Sammy Gjeltema

Head of Sales at RevenueBase


RevenueBase saw 100% ROI within 30 days of launching their campaign.

The following case study was conducted in interview format with Sammy Gjeltema, Head of Sales at RevenueBase.

RevenueBase is a data-driven sales intelligence platform that helps businesses identify and target high-potential prospects effectively. They specialize in providing actionable insights and tools to optimize sales strategies and drive revenue growth.

  • Industry: B2B sales intelligence
  • Company size: 10+ employees

What was the challenge you faced that brought you to OutreachBloom?

RevenueBase was looking for a way to drive high intent, qualified top of funnel meetings for a new product line.

What made you decide to give OutreachBloom a try?

Jayson’s entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to partnership was very exciting. In addition to this, Outreach Bloom’s actual messaging was unique. In fact, the genesis if our conversations started because he did cold outreach to my inbox that caught my eye!

Have you ever tried cold B2B outreach before? If so, what was your experience with it?

Yes — many a times from many different angles. The experience and results we saw with OutreachBloom were by far the best we had seen. We made our money back on our investment with OutreachBloom within 30 days of launching.

What were your expectations before getting started?

Transparency, flexibility, creativity and differentiation.

Has OutreachBloom met or exceeded your expectations?

Absolutely! We used our own data to target/identify qualified prospects and OutreachBloom paired high intent prospects with compelling messaging that generating the buzz we were looking for.

Would you recommend OutreachBloom to other companies?

100% — I would use OutreachBloom at any future companies as well looking to enhance or spark up outbound.

Any anecdotes about your interactions with people who you took meetings with?

People buy differently today than they did only a few year ago, but much of the sales messaging has stayed the same. But with OutreachBloom it was different. They know how to differentiate themselves and really tap into AI in a way that other outbound agencies are not doing. The human to human approach is why you see results you can’t seem to get with other agencies.

revenuebase reply

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